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Autocross in Malta
Autocross Endurance Race 2003.

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Autocross Endurance Race. 19 July 2003.

  Sport > On Wheels
   Friday,  18  July  2003
ASM Autocross Endurance Race on Saturday

Friday, 18 July, 2003
ASM, the Offroad Circuit Racing organisers are holding the annual Endurance Race on Saturday 19th July. The participants for this One Hour long race are the Autocross ASM Poiatti Championship drivers and their helpers.
This Endurance Race with about 16 cars on the Starting Grid starts at 6.30pm sharp, with all the cars battling for the lead on the beautifully laid track, in a non-contact 60 minute race. Each car must pit three (3) times during the estimated 80 lap race. Fuel supplies and driver changes will take place during these pit-stops. Hopefully, no mechanical repairs shall be required by the cars.
This race, is the 4th race of its kind and as expected, is held during the Off-season summer break.
Yet, a great number of spectators are expected to attend this ASM Summer Event at the Ta Qali National Race Tracks. The Race Winners with the largest number of laps will be presented with trophies. The ASM members and spectators will barbeque their food after races at the ASM Racetracks.

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