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Autocross in Malta
CCF Demolition, 21 Dec. 2003.

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CCF Day. Great Demolition Race And Fun Races.
21 Dec. 2003.

Breaking Cars for a Cause


The Great Annual 'Car Demolition Race' is once again going to be held next Sunday, 21 December, 2003, at the ASM Race Circuits at Ta' Qali.

This great special event is being held by Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi (ASM) to raise funds in aid of the Malta Community Chest Fund. Though the Car Demolition is the highlight of this Full Day's Programme, there will also be many other non-championship races for the usual drivers, their helpers and also their female companions.

The Motorcycle section will also be included in the day's programme. Two ?Open Class Races' of 5 minutes for each race will be held for A and B Class Riders will be held at around 13.00 Hours.

The Autocross Car Races will include races by the Poiatti Championship drivers racing in counter-clockwise direction on the Track. Other Autocross Races will be held for Helpers, New drivers to this sport and also for female drivers.

The Banger Drivers will perform their skill by driving their cars on the Autocross Tracks. This (for once) will be a non-contact speed race. Most of these drivers will also participate in the Great Car Demolition in different cars.

Because of the great number of cars expected to run the Demolition Race, The ASM Committee will resume all other event and races for another date so the demolition will start on time as planned at 3.30pm.

At this time 3.30pm the Banger Racers will start making their way to the central Oval Track and Staged for the Start signal. A One non-contact Lap will be run and from there on, it's a battle for the survival of the fittest car on over-wet slippery track.

This race is expected to last more than 30 minutes.

The Winner and Runner-up are usually raised on shoulders of joyfull fellow drivers and supporters.

Though it will be difficult to clear all twisted cars from the track, yet its spectacular to see how the car remains are removed from the track and judge the damage to the tyre barriers on the track.

Any other non-completed races for the Helpers of all classes will be run on another day soon in the Chrismas season.

The ASM Executive Committee extends the best wishes for a Very Happy Christmas.

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