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Darren Dimech_2004
Remembering Darren Dimech.


In remembrance of Darren Dimech (21), Holy Mass was celebrated at Mtarfa, Sir Temi' Zammit Chapel on Sunday 19 Dec. 2004. All ASM members attended the ceremony.                                    

A carcade was organised from Ta' Qali Racetracks to the Chapel at Mtarfa.
The ASM Motocross Riders followed by the Autocross drivers and some Banger cars, drove to the chapel at Mtarfa, guided by two Traffic Police on their bikes.
Members of Darren Dimech family also attended the ceremony.
"Darren, 21 was a keen Motocross Rider since his childhood. I remember him very well riding his 80cc bike in B'Bugia (9 Years) when we, (ASM) organised the first Beachcross in collaboration with the Local Council of this place.
Darren grew up and joined the 125cc class at 18. He was a promising rider though the first results didnt earn him a Championship win. He always was the first to do lots of practice sessions, has his bike very well serviced and always in top form and above all, he had the best personal safety gear for the sport too.
Darren rarely complained with the organisers yet he made his point quite clear in a quiet manner. He was one of the first riders to walk along the Motocross track to check that all was OK. He always gave a good helping hand as regards the racetrack upkeep. In my opinion, he knew every inch of the track even if blind folded.
This season, (two races so far), Darren won both of these first two race events. He was leading the 125cc ASM Poiatti Championship. On the 21 Nov. 2004, Darren riding on his new  125cc machine also won the Open Class Race against Clint Sciberras 400cc. This clearly shows that Darren was in top form for this new Championship.
It was early afternoon (about 5.00pm) on Monday 29 Nov. 2004. Darren rode his bike for another Practice session. His brother Stefan was also riding another 125cc on the track while his grandpa was watching from the spectators areas.
While Darren was riding on one of the ramps, unfortunately something went wrong. Darren fell from his bike which accidentally hit him on his head. That was the end for him. What seemed to be a common fall from the bike resulted in the worst results.
Darren passed away leaving his parents, sister and brother to mourn his great loss. We too, members of the Association and friends also miss him very much.
ASM declared him winner of this years Championship so he will long be remembered.
I think that Darren chose his favourite sport to pass his soul into the hands of God the Almighty. We will remember him in our prayers for ever. May he rest in peace.
Frans Deguara.
ASM President

May He Rest In Peace (29 Nov. 2004).